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Product Liability

NY Product Liability Lawyers Serving All of New York

The attorneys at the law firm of Elovich & Adell hold negligent parties accountable when innocent consumers are injured due to faulty products. Each year many people in the United States are harmed by a variety of items, including toys, automobiles, and household appliances.

An item that causes the user any type of bodily injury as the result of a defect is considered a defective product. In the United States, manufacturers must create products that if used properly will not cause harm to the consumer. If there is a chance that there are any risks associated with the product or that the product may create a hazard, proper warning labels must be posted on the packing to inform the consumer of the risk.

The following briefly describes three different types of product liability claims:

  • Design defect - The faulty design of the product posed a threat and caused an injury.
  • Failure to warn - The product did not have proper warning labels on the packaging informing consumers of safety hazards, which resulted in physical injuries while using the product.
  • Manufacturing defect - A defect in the item occurring during manufacturing resulted in serious physical injuries.