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Seven Winter Dangers That Cause Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability accidents are a serious problem at any time of the year, but the winter can be especially difficult. Careless property owners may have hazardous conditions on their property they are not even aware of, putting their visitors and guests at risk. Here are seven winter hazards you should make sure to watch out for, if you want to avoid premises liability accidents:

  1. Icy or wet floors
    • One of the key issues facing many property owners during the winter is that their floors can easily become icy or wet due to inclement weather. Without regular cleaning, it can easily result in hazardous conditions that may cause someone to slip and fall.
  2. Hanging ice
    • Unfortunately, there’s more to worry about during the winter than the ice beneath your feet. Ice that hangs over from rooftops can also become hazardous, especially if the icicles that form are particularly large or high up.
  3. Damaged or loose flooring
    • The winter can be terrible for the condition of floorboards, tile, carpeting and other types of flooring. If not properly maintained, it can become damaged or loose, increasing the risk of premises liability accidents from tripping or slipping.
  4. Broken or missing lights
    • As a general rule, the better people can see, the more easily they can avoid harm. This is why broken or missing lights can be a major hazard to guests or visitors, particularly as it gets darker during the winter, potentially resulting in an increased risk of premises liability accidents.
  5. Lack of security
    • Premises liability also includes preventing foreseeable crimes, such as robberies, burglaries, or assaults. That is why property owners should always make sure to have adequate security to prevent potential criminal activity.
  6. Blocked accessibility ramps
    • Elderly people and people with disabilities rely on accessibility ramps to access buildings. If these become blocked by snow, it can make it harder for them to get into or out of buildings, increasing the chances of a premises liability accident.
  7. Unstable handrails or guardrails
    • Handrails and guardrails can be essential for avoiding a fall when conditions get snowy or icy. If the rails are damaged or loose, however, they may contribute to the odds of a serious accident.

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